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What is The Weldery?

The Weldery is a Welded Jewelry experience offering a variety of beautiful 14k yellow and white solid gold and gold filled chains permanently welded on with a tiny spark as bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings.  Find us at local venues or book a private party for an intimate Welded Jewelry experience of your own.

What is the process?

You’ll visit with a master welder to determine which beautiful chain meets your style. Your selection will be perfectly fitted and welded on with a pinprick of light. You will leave with a dainty, beautiful and permanent Weldery piece to enjoy and remember the experience.

How long is the process?

Once you have selected your Weldery chain, the process will take 15-20 minutes.

If you are interested in getting multiple chains please book multiple appointments. 

What is the price point?

All our chains are 14k yellow and white solid gold and are permanent pieces we hope you enjoy forever! Depending on your selection, Rings start at $55, Classic style bracelets start at $98 and specialty chains start at $130. Anklets start at $150, and Necklaces start at $275. Our gold-filled options start at $50 for dainty chains and $65 for statement chains.

How do I get a Weldery chain?

Check out our pop-up schedule on Instagram or our webpage. For a more private experience, inquire about having The Weldery come to you.

How do I attend a pop-up?

Look for current pop-ups and book an appointment through our Find a Pop Up page on our website. Don’t delay - our 15-minute appointments go fast! Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to pick out your chains to ensure a seamless experience!

If you do not see a Pop Up listed or one you can't attend, inquire about hosting a private party to bring us to you! 

How do I book a private party?

The Weldery would love to be a part of your next special event! Contact us on the webpage, Instagram or send an email to [email protected] to discuss all our available party options.

What happens if I must remove it, or it comes off?

The Weldery chains are intended to withstand your everyday active lifestyle and we ensure the integrity of your weld before your appointment is complete. However, life happens! In the event you need to remove your Weldery piece for any reason, simply cut it at the jump ring (where it was welded) and we will re-weld your piece back on.*

*All Weldery re-welds incur a $10 service fee.

*The Weldery is not responsible for any lost jewelry.

*All sales are final.

Will I get flagged at airport security?

All of The Weldery chains are TSA approved! No need to remove or worry.

Any restrictions?

Not recommended for those with a 14k sensitivity or anyone with a pacemaker. We require all our customers to be 10 years old and all minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Do you have sterling silver or gold-filled options?

Most of The Weldery chains are solid 14k yellow and white gold and are made to withstand anyone's active lifestyle without tarnishing. However, we do have more affordable options available with our gold-filled chains!

Is Permanent Really Permanent?

Permanent jewelry is a piece without a clasp however, for safety reasons if your chain is caught on something it is meant to break away. In the event this happens, we will be happy to re-weld for a $10 service fee.

Can you re-weld a piece from another vendor?

We would be happy to! However, re-welding jewelry that was not purchased from the Weldery will incur a $15 fee. 

If your previously purchased piece is not in its original form or broken anywhere other than the jump ring, a new piece might need to be purchased to re-weld.

Ready to glimmer?

Looking to add a unique element to your boutique or venue? Let’s add a spark of fun for your shoppers and draw in new clientele. The Weldery experience is the perfect addition!